Monday, 15 October 2012

Prize awarded for the top aeronautical engineering project at Auckland University

Each year, members of the Auckland Branch support engineering students by helping judge the final year projects.  The Branch also awards prizes for the top aeronautical engineering project.

The Society's judges this year were two graduates of the School of Engineering; Richard Leaper (now with Altitude Aerospace Interiors) and Gerard Robertson (Air New Zealand).  Richard and Gerard have several years' of judging experience at these project presentation days, which they describe as both a privilege and a pleasure (while also feeling about a million years old compared to the students).

Judge Gerard Robertson, Immediate Past President of the RAeS NZ Division

This year, the Branch prize went to Muhammad Abd Hakim and Ahmad Abu Zamir, for their work on the “Structural Design and Analysis of Multipurpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”.  The judges were impressed with the work they had done, evaluating different configurations and constructing scale models of structural elements.

Judge Richard Leaper from the Auckland Branch

The Auckland Branch intends to continue its support and hopes to extend it by suggesting suitable project topics and providing mentoring during the academic year.

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